Monday, January 24, 2022

Mastering The Knife

Book #2 of “The Surgeon’s Tale” Saga Released


Longtime Marco Island resident, Michael M. Meguid, M.D., announced today that the second volume of his biographical quattro, “Mastering the Knife”, has been released on  

“Mastering the Knife” continues the deeply personal story of Dr. Meguid’s life as he learns to heal others, while ultimately healing himself. An Egyptian/German medical student in 1960s London, Meguid was hounded by cultural identity, self-doubt, and fear of failure.

His first book, “Roots & Branches” was widely received by Amazon book patrons and continues to be a top seller.

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This second book takes us to Manchester, England during the tumultuous political unrest of the ‘60s when anti-immigrant sentiment was rampant. Determined to succeed in spite of the obstacles thrown at him, Meguid focuses on the technical and moral concerns that contribute to the making of a successful surgeon as he conquers the daily rigors of studying at England’s most prestigious University College Hospital Medical School. After earning his Doctor of Medicine degree and expecting acceptance, Meguid is told during his first job interview at the London teaching hospital: “You’re not wanted here, go back to Egypt.”

Reeling from rejection in England, Dr. Meguid passes the selective Royal College of Surgeons surgical exams, marries into upper class British Society, and promptly wins a Harvard/MIT training scholarship in Boston, where he finds acceptance and a chance to make his mark in the surgical world. And make his mark, he does.

“Mastering the Knife” is filled with persona, poignant, and filled with stories of courage and tenacity. Dr. Meguid elegantly draws on his life experiences, both as a man who has matured within the cultures of several diametrically opposed countries, and as a surgeon striving to find medical solutions for his ailing patients.

With notes and memories taken from his many journals, hundreds of family letters and photos dating as far back as the mid-1930s, Dr. Meguid’s second book continues where “Roots & Branches” began – that at a place where a good man relentlessly struggles to find meaning, joy, and success in his life; a place where this man’s life passion is to make the world a better place.

Dr. Meguid is a world-renowned surgeon, research scientist, writer, editor, and published author. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgery, studied human nutrition to benefit cancer patients, was awarded a PhD at MIT, and is the recipient of numerous national and international honors. He is professor Emeritus of Surgery, Nutrition, and Neuroscience in Syracuse, New York, and Editor Emeritus of “Nutrition: The International Journal of Applied and Basic Nutritional Sciences”. Upon his retirement, he earned an MFA from Bennington College Writing Seminars in Vermont, and attended workshops at Queens University, Charlotte, North Carolina, and non-fiction seminars at Goucher College, Maryland. He is a member of several major writer’s associations and VP of Marco Island Writers, where he teaches. Dr. Meguid’s short stories have been published in The Bennington Review, Stone Canoe, Columbia Medical Review, and Hektoen International. He has given readings in Florida and London, been interviewed on radio stations across the world, and has published nearly 400 medical papers. Dr. Meguid reads, writes, and lives on Marco Island with his four-legged muse, Lucy. For a sample of “Mastering the Knife”, blogs and other articles, go to



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