Monday, December 6, 2021

Masks Help Save Lives

Photos by Steve Stefanides | Orderly traffic inside the park.

It was two families pulling together to leverage their influence throughout the business world to obtain 30,000 surgical masks, a major feat alone during these trying times. 

Chris Byrne, the City’s Emergency Management Recovery Coordinator, was especially pleased with the advanced planning which went into the run-up of the public distribution of those much-needed masks to the community. “It really appears to be running pretty good right now,” said Byrne when we met with him around 45 minutes into the opening of the event. 

Others present who observed the event referred to it as, “A welloiled machine or looks like a military operation.” They commented on how smoothly the threehour event proceeded and how pleased the recipients were to receive those masks. 

Dianna Dohm, Executive Director of the Marco Chamber, could be seen receiving a number of donations by generous recipients who received masks on that day. “Its just wonderful how this has all come together,” she said referring to the outpouring of support by volunteers. 

Allyson Richards explained that the group had received 30,000 of the masks for distribution. “Prior to coming here for the big event, we also distributed masks to NCH and Physicians Regional, first responders and other groups. Today we are providing to the general public with masks to protect their families,” commented Richards through her light blue surgical mask, the fashion statement of the day. 

An unscientific estimate found approximately 50% of those taking advantage of the free mask program came across the bridge to receive the much sought-after masks, which are now being seen worn throughout grocery stores and other public areas as the public seeks to lessen the spread of the virus. 

Approaching the distribution point.

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