Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Marv Needles and Paul Tateo, Co-Chairs Rental Task Force



The City of Marco Island is reviewing ordinances that address several issues related to the lifestyle and rights of residents and property owners who chose to rent their properties. The issues identified by the city are: excessive noise, illegal parking, trash left in swales and lack of taxes being collected from rental properties.

At the August 22nd meeting of the Planning Board, an agenda item was added to address concerns thought to be the result of rental activity in residential neighborhoods. As an active member of the community, the Marco Island Area Association of Realtors (MIAAOR) volunteered to establish a Task Force to review the issues and report back at the Planning Board’s November meeting.

While the Task Force was establishes by MIAAOR, any recommendations proposed by the Task Force will not represent a position of MIAAOR, but that of the Task Force participants. The Realtor group’s action was intended to provide meeting space and help initiate and organize community involvement.

The Task Force is chaired by two Realtors, Marv Needles and Paul Tateo, who each have had a long history of community involvement. In addition, representatives of other community organizations are participating, as well as residents and property owners who rent their properties.

The Task Force is in the process of collecting data and input from others and intends to review and analyze the city’s concerns with the intent of finding and recommending solutions. The hope is to find and recommend solutions that benefit all parties that may be affected by the issues.

The Task Force intends to provide an update of the group’s activity at the Planning Board’s November 7th meeting. The Task Force would appreciate any input from our readers. All comments will be shared with the Task Force and the Planning Board with its final recommendations, expected at the Planning Board’s December 7th meeting.

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