Friday, January 21, 2022

Marsh Walk

A tri-color heron feeds in the shallow water of the marsh.

A tri-color heron feeds in the shallow water of the marsh.

By Carl and Joan Kelly

Close to Marco is a relatively new walk, 10,000 Islands Marsh Walk, a mixed grass and mangrove marsh. It has a two-level observation tower with a good panoramic view of the marsh that has been revitalized by increased water flow, apparently one of the early benefits of Everglades restoration. The walk runs through the marsh with water, mangroves and grasses on both sides. We saw gators crossing the walk. From the observation tower we saw dozens of birds feasting on small fish, crustaceans and insects, and flying over head. This year the white pelicans landed in mass in the area. We also observed various herons, egrets, ibis, hawks, osprey, spoon bill… The Marsh Trail is located three miles east of 92 (San Marco Road) on 41 on the right (south) side of the road. There is limited parking, no rest rooms or trash cans. It is
handicapped accessible with a ramp up to the first floor of the tower. No fee. The trail is 1 ¼ miles long one way but the best views of the marsh area stop when
you reach the second wooden bench. The tree lined walk is paved to the tower and continues to a field on a dirt path. The return is along on the same walk.


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