Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Marketing Agencies Race to Keep Up With Consumer Buying Decisions

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“Consumer buying decision trends are constantly shifting,” says Brian Dawson, CEO of Customer Finder Marketing located in Naples, Florida. “Decades ago, when there was no internet and no email, consumers had only a few sources of information to make buying decisions: newspapers, mail order catalogs, recommendations from friends, and later, radio and television. While those are still viable choices to help the consumer make a buying decision, the advent of the internet has changed these trends dramatically.”

Customers today mainly rely heavily on two sources to find out information about things they want to buy – They ask for recommendations from their friends on where to buy, and then they use their cell phone or computer to do an internet search to find these businesses referred by their friends.

Today, customers expect a business to have a professionally designed website that they can easily navigate to find out about the business, see its products and services, and read the reviews about the business and its individual products or services. Most consumers carry a computer in the form of a cell phone in their pocket or purse so they can search on-the-go.

You have probably done the following yourself. You decide to go to a restaurant, and after you use your phone to search for several of them online, check out their menus and reviews online, you decide which restaurant to go to and book the reservations all within a few minutes. You can even text your friends to see if they want to join you.

Mr. Dawson says, “This means a business needs to make sure that their website shows up well in the internet listings – preferably ahead of their competitors, is easy to navigate on a cell phone, has appropriate information that viewers want to see, and a phone number easily found that is click to call for cell phones, and presents good reviews about their products and services.”

But even then, just having a website with all the right elements isn’t enough anymore. Consumers are fickle and will shop at the business that does the best job of staying at the top of their mind, and is present everywhere available on the internet – social media sites, video channels, and listings on various search engines.

“The competition is fierce and internet marketing changes rapidly,” says Dawson, “And a business owner is usually too busy running their business to take time to do all the internet marketing work every month that’s necessary to stay in front of their current and potential customers. And here’s where a good, reputable marketing agency that gets great results, and keeps up with the changing algorithms on the search engines like Google comes into demand for the needed marketing expertise.”

“We’ve come a long way from waiting for the Sears catalog to show up in the mail,” says Dawson. It’s good for businesses and it’s good for consumers too. Our agency has been taking care of business owners and their customers in this regard for over 12 years, and we have the privilege of being a Certified Google Partner, passing the rigorous monitoring standards set by Google to make sure that we get the best results for our clients. We offer business owners a no-obligation, thorough and complementary marketing analysis of their business and outline strategies so that they can get more customers and grow their business. And customers can find out the latest information about a business so they can make informed buying decisions.”

For more information visit our website CustomerFinder- or call us at 239-331-7055.

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