Monday, November 29, 2021

Mark Renz “Giants in the Storm” Book Signing!



The Marco Island Historical Society Presents Mark Renz “Giants in the Storm” Book Signing at The Rose History Auditorium, Tuesday, September 6th at 7:00 p.m.

Ft. Myers native Mark Renz is the author of five books related to Florida paleontology.  He and his artist wife Marisa own and operate Fossil Expeditions, a Southwest Florida guide service.

To connect with Fossil Expeditions, click here:

Fossil hunter & palentologist Mark Renz stumbles onto a 500,000 year-old ancient Florida river bed and discovers dozens of skeletons of lumbering mammoth and mastodon elephants, bull-size ground sloths, llamas, old-world horses, pig-like peccaries, primitive wolves and deer. The discovery triggers many questions. Was it a major storm, flood, drought or plague that killed so many creatures at once? Or do their bones represent one animal dying every ten years for thousands of years? What signs do scientists look for to determine cause and time of death? What are the ethical considerations for amateur fossil hunters who come across such a site? How do you determine who to contact and how to excavate if given permission

Please join Mark in the Museum Shop after his lecture, “Giants In the Storm.”  Mark will be available to answer your questions. Take home your own copy of Mark’s exciting books.

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