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Marjory Stoneman Douglas Festival



By Pat Newman

Tuesday, February 24th marks the opening of the 11th Annual Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Festival in Everglades City. This five-day historical event is a tribute to Douglas, who as an early environmentalist and professional journalist, made legislators, developers and the general public take notice of the tremendous importance of the Florida Everglades as an eco-system. Her book, “Everglades: River of Grass,” was published in 1947 and opened up the minds of naturalists and Florida residents alike that the system was not just a swamp but a key to the life of the state.

The event features a series of daily activities from talks at the Museum of the Everglades to nature walks and an arts and crafts festival on Saturday, the 28th complete with food and live music. Artists and crafters are invited to set up a complimentary table for their wares. Phone Marya at 695-2905 for additional information.

For a complete list of activities, visit to reserve a spot for some of the limited participatory events.

Also on the calendar in Everglades City is another Pancake Fly-in on Saturday, Feb. 21 at the Everglades Airpark, hosted by Wings 10,000 Island Tours. No need to fly; walkers, bikers and drivers are also welcome.

Marya Repko, local historian and author, will be on hand at the South Regional Collier Public Library on Lely Cultural Parkway between 10 am and 2 pm on the 21st to promote her newest book, “A Brief History of the Smallwood Store.”

Finally, the Everglades Museum will display a unique collection of historic Seminole photographs in their gallery during February and March.


Schedule of Events:

Tuesday, Feb. 24:

10:45 am – Opening Luncheon at Everglades Isle (Cost: $25, FME members: $20)

Wednesday, Feb. 25:

Education and Adventure: Oh My!

9 am – Everglades guided fern walk with Jack Berningerm, kayaking the Fakahatchee with Tod Dahlke and “The Mountains of Big Cypress” by Ranger Luke Gommermann, Big Cypress National Preserve

10 am – “Female Figures of Fakahatchee” by Renee Rau

11 am – “Giants of Big Cypress Swamp;

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. SUBMITTED photo

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. SUBMITTED photo

the logging history of the Glades” by Cesar Becerra

1:00 pm – “Angel of the Swamp” by Author Marya Repko

1 pm – “Bromeliads: Killing Giants” by Park Biologist Mike Owen, Fakahatchee Strand Preserve

2 pm – “Orchid Capital of the USA” by Mike Owen, Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park Biologist

3 pm – “Everglades Fame in Film, Literature and the News” by JoNell Modys, Paradise Coast

Thursday, Feb. 26:

A Cornucopia of Fun

8:30 am – Logging walk with Cesar Becerra

9 am – Historic guided canoe tour

10 am – Otter John, Wild Everglades Animal Presentation

11 am – Swamp Walk with Mike Owen

11 am – “Explore the Wonder and Diversity of the Everglades National Park” with Susan Reese, Manager of Everglades National Park

1 pm – “First Person Impressions of Patty Munroe” by Katrina Boler, Manager of the Barnacle Historic State Park

1 pm – Gator Hook Swamp Walk with Jack Berninger

2 pm – “The Park Before the Park; Forces Against Nature” by Cesar Becerra

3 pm – “Jurassic Preserve” by Ranger Amy Washuta of Big Cypress National Preserve

Friday, Feb. 27:

Fellow Museums and More

9 am – Historic guided canoe tour

9 am – Walking tour of Everglades City with Patty Huff, Friends of the Museum of the Everglades

10:30 am – “The Story of Ivy Stranahan” by Merry Wajda and Portrayer of The Stranahan House Museum

11:30 am – “Seminole Matriarchs: Women of Strength and Honor” by Vandall Samuels, Outreach Specialist at Seminole Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum

1 pm – “Seminole Wars” by Reinaldo Becerra, Seminole Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum

2 pm – “My Days with Majory Stoneman Douglas” by Theodora Long, Executive Director, Majory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center

Saturday, Feb. 28:

MSD Art-in-the-Glades Day

9 pm – Fakahatchee Tram Tour

10 am – “Night Moves – Nocturnal Ecology of Big Cypress National Preserve” by Ranger Luke Gommermann

11 am – “Orchids of the Everglades” by Gulf Coast Orchid Alliance, Inc.

12:30 pm – “Are you Smarter than a Stone Crab” by Bryan Fluech, Collier County Extension

1 pm – Fakahatchee Tram Tour

1:30 pm “May Mann Jennings” by Iris Schwartz, Certified Interruptive Guide, Everglades National Parkore.”

Finally, the Everglades Museum will display a unique collection of historic Seminole photographs in their gallery during February and March.




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