Saturday, January 22, 2022

Maria Lamb Marathon Runner

Proving that it’s never too late to try something new, Maria Lamb started running at the age of 60. She made the decision to run, bought a $10 pair of shoes from Walmart, and started running. Over time, she retired her $10 sneakers and became dedicated to distance running. Now age 70, Maria has participated in 10 marathons and on Sunday, November 4th completed the New York City Marathon… for the second time!

Maria Lamb completes her second New York City Marathon.

“It’s about more than just running. It’s an empowering experience, because it changes you. The decision changes you when you make that commitment. The training changes you. The race itself can make or break a lot of people,” as Maria Lamb explains the transformation that occurs with making the decision to commit to a marathon.

To prepare for the 26.2- mile race, she started with a 16-week training course, which includes: running 35-40 miles every week, preparation, dedication, meditation, nutrition, and hydration.

“Maria is an inspiration to me… both she and her husband Charlie inspire me. They are both in their 70’s, and they are both fully engaged in physical activity, are mentally sharp, care about the community. God willing, if I live that long, I want to be like Maria,” explains Maria’s running pacer, Donna Kaczka.

Maria’s advice to those interested in becoming more active:

  • Make a commitment to yourself.
  • Make a simple and manageable goal.
  • Make it fun.
  • Keep it interesting.
  • Keep it rewarding.

When it comes to running and marathon training, Maria says to remember that, “it is the journey, not the destination.” 

“This is a new morning. It’s the beginning of new possibilities. I am feeling great, just tired muscles,” expresses Maria Lamb reflecting the morning after the NYC Marathon. “My thoughts and prayers are with fellow runners who are in recovery mode but experiencing some challenges ahead.”

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