Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Marco’s newest Sergeant

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Frank Steiger is Marco Island’s new sergeant in town. He’s actually not that new since he’s been in the Marco Island Police Department for six years! He’s part of the big change taking place in the department. Frank was promoted to sergeant on May 7, but the official ceremony took place on June 11. Before several; members of the Marco Island Police Foundation, city council member Jerry Gibson, colleagues from the Police Department and a number of friends, Frank was officially promoted by Chief Don Hunter, and “pinned” by good friend Robin Browning.

Prior to joining the Marco Island Police Department in 2006, Frank retired as police lieutenant in South Bend, Indiana, where he had a sparkling 20 year career. Among many other things Frank was one of the department’s experts on defensive tactics, a detective assigned to robbery and assault, a SWAT team member, a traffic training officer and a specialist in advanced training.

One of his most interesting assignments was being seconded to the United States Secret Service Counter Sniper Team, and he served on seven presidential details.

In June 2007, the Police Foundation recognized him as Officer of the Month, and he also received he prestigious Phoenix Award from Collier County for bringing back to life a person who was clinically dead. Sergeant Steiger has served both as a patrol officer and marine officer. He holds an Associate Degree in Criminology from Indiana University. Not only that; he is a superb photographer!

In making the announcement of Frank Steiger’s promotion, Chief Don Hunter stated that, Sergeant Steiger was transitioning “from one of the guys to a supervisor, and that’s one of the hardest transitions in the Department.” Chief Hunter also said that, ”there are now five sergeants on patrol…there are going to be a group of new supervisors with new ideas.”

Sergeant Steiger said that he felt fortunate to serve with some of the finest officers he had ever known and that he was, “deeply grateful for the support from the Police Foundation and members of the community. It is an unparalleled situation.”

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