Sunday, January 16, 2022

Marco’s New Emergency Radio Station 

The City of Marco Island’s Emergency Information radio station is on the air! This system was deployed on September 10, 2018, the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Irma making landfall on Marco Island. 

During Hurricane Irma, citizens lost electrical power, internet, cell phones lost voice and data signals making it difficult to receive emergency information.  

The city recognized it needed a mechanism, in addition to Code Red, emails, and text messages to communicate with citizens on a large scale and remotely.  

The City selected a low power AM radio station as its best option.  

The station transmits from city facilities equipped with generator and battery back-up. 

Citizens can receive the broadcast across the entire Island using the radio in their vehicle or with a low-cost battery powered AM radio. 

When an emergency occurs, the city will broadcast information about recommended actions, evacuation orders and routes, shelters, storm hazards and tracks, as well as safety tips.  

Similar post significant or emergency event messages will be broadcasted. 

During periods where there is not an imminent emergency, the City of Marco Island will use the station to inform the community about important events, storm preparation and mitigation strategies, roadway closures or construction, safety messages, crime and fire prevention tips through a system of recorded messages. 

In addition, the system is programmed to interrupt recorded broadcasts with National Weather Service alerts and warnings. 

Set a button on your car radio to 1690 AM so you can find the channel quickly when needed. 

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