Saturday, October 16, 2021

Marco’s Future



Since “Gotham” (Marco Island) became a City, The residents have endured all sorts of “Calamities” since the voters had the delusional idea of “local control.” The cartoon like cast of characters voted into office by the alleged “well informed” citizenry became the laughing stock of the County. We have endured inept, inane, hypocrites, pedophiles, drunks, megalomaniacs, use to bes, wanna bes, double talkers and assorted weirdos!!! It seems that almost every election, a new batch of pseudo sophisticated plutocrats are going to show the residents how much smarter and more generous they are with tax payers money than the last electorate. They remove officials from jobs and continue to pay their salary without explanation or accountability. Then they spend more taxpayer money for a firm to search for another replacement. Maybe they should show their commitment by donating their annual stipend to help pay for the new search. They also allow the former employee to dictate his own dismissal. After realizing how foolish and amateurish their decisions were, they reneged on the deal. The sad reality seems to be that the professional people they hire are usually more savvy and slick than all the council combined. Now more rancorous and embarrassing meetings are sure to follow. “Real Americans” have suffered through 8 years of outrageous shenanigans from ne’er-do-wells in the White House and the Democratic socialist party, which has divided the country more than ever. I hope and pray that their personal priorities and lack of transparency and common sense of council does not do the same for Marco’s future.

Sal Soldano
Marco Island

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