Saturday, January 22, 2022

Marco’s Four-Year-Olds Embark on a Magical Year of Firsts


Proud parents recently snapped their very first “First Day of School” photos of their youngsters as they entered St. Mark’s Preschool.

Donning new clothes and backpacks, 30 little islanders took their first steps into school to meet their very first teachers.

The morning goodbyes caused a bit of anxiety for some…parents and kiddos. The magical wonder of Play Dough proved to be a wonderful distraction as parents made their exit.

St. Mark’s seasoned volunteers reassured parents with hospitality and refreshments while informing them to take some Publix bakery bread and spread the word about the Marco Island Bread Ministry, a free bread program available to everyone.

“As a way to reduce waste and feed people, Publix has donated their day-old bakery items, which would otherwise be thrown out. Feel free to come by Monday-Saturday from 7-10 AM,” explains Peggy Totten.

By the end of the first week, the anxieties of Monday were forgotten with the little ones quickly settling into the routine and expectations set forth by their teachers, Ms. Peggy and Ms. Monica…and some have even been lucky enough to find their very first best friend.

For more information about St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and their ministries, go to:

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