Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Marco Plumbing and Electrical Supply – One Stop Shop

Marco Plumbing & Electrical Supply

Marco Plumbing & Electrical Supply

Maria Curiale has been a master carpenter, woodworker and mason most of his life.  Owner of Marco Building Supply for over 20 years, Curiale recently opened Marco Plumbing and Electrical Supply on Bald Eagle. “Combining the two facilities,” Curiale said, “offers a one stop shop for all encompassing home repair and building material needs for residential and commercial properties.”

Working in his father’s carpentry store as a young boy in Italy, Curiale learned the traditional way of working as a craftsman. Curiale’s family moved to New Jersey while in his teens. He started his own carpentry business while going to school and eventually received degrees in civil engineering and business. Unhappy with how builders disregarded the history of an area by leveling and replacing historic structures with new construction, Curiale began renovating older homes. “The Star Ledger” newspaper in 1991 honored Curiale for his extensive renovation of the famous Deen Estate in Berkeley Heights. Building commercial office buildings and custom estates in New Jersey, Curiale has consistently focused his business towards high quality construction.

Marco Plumbing and Electrical Supply offers complete inventory of all plumbing and electrical supplies. For the contractor, instead of driving into the mainland, a quick trip to Curiale’s business saves valuable time and money. Curiale says of his shop, “We sell the full range of tools, parts and equipment, and relieve the stress for the Marco resident by guiding them with our knowledge and expertise to do the job right the first time.” For the residential consumer,” Curiale continues, “our customers appreciate being assisted by staff. Their questions on the how, why and where to fix any home repair are answered expertly and easily.” The back portion of the store houses Marco Building Supply offers easy drive-up access for loading to conveniently complete the construction job by being able to stay on the island.

Devoting his life to the construction trade, Curiale said, “I have been educating both the homeowner and builder to perform quality work which meets all code requirements.” In his experience, both as a Marco Island businessman and a Marco Island resident, Mario Curiale says his focal point, “is to encourage residents and contractors to shop local and support Marco Island’s businesses. It benefits the entire community!”

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