Sunday, October 24, 2021

Marco Patriots and the Cancelled Concert



The Marco Patriots had plans for a large benefit concert, set to take place at Veterans Community Park on Marco Island in late February. Patriot’s co-founder ErinMia Melican Milchman says the group intended to book nationally known musicians for the event.

Throughout the month of December, the Patriots attempted to organize the benefit concert. The group, however, did not have firm details to provide the City of Marco Island for permitting so their initial request was denied.

The Marco Patriots were working in conjunction with a production company, Big Picture Video, LLC. The Marco Patriots gave the owner of the company an initial deposit of $5,000. This money allegedly came from a private donor.

According to Erin, the owner claimed to have worked for the Naples is Rockin’ Hurricane Irma benefit concert. The Coastal Breeze News reached out to the organizers of that event. They confirmed that he was involved, hired through a subcontractor for the production company.

The Coastal Breeze News obtained a copy of the contract as well as the Scope of Work document provided by the company involved. Neither copy received was signed. It values the production cost of the event to be $30,000 to $35,000.

Eventually, plans for the benefit concert evaporated. On

January 30th, the Marco Patriots sent a letter to the company via their legal team advising them that the concert had been cancelled. They asked the owner to refund the ad- vance of $5,000 that he had received, citing a fiduciary responsibility to their donors.

The Coastal Breeze News has reached out to the company. The owner claims the money went towards reserving the necessary equipment for the show.

The Marco Patriots have contacted the Marco Island Police Department. Initially, the response was that the matter appears to be civil in nature, not criminal. The status of their correspondence is ongoing.

The Coastal Breeze News will provide an update as more information becomes available.

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