Friday, January 28, 2022

Marco Officers Exonerated

“The professionals who work within this department are owed an apology from this individual which brought forward these false and malicious claims. Those that would use these lies and slanderous allegations to spread hate through anonymous emails and websites against this department should also be ashamed of themselves. They do this for one purpose; to destroy peoples’ lives and reputations with hate and spiteful lies,” said Marco Island Police Chief Al Schettino.

Schettino was responding to the release of the Collier County Sheriff’s investigation that exonerated the Marco Police Department of the allegations of rape and assault earlier this year. Those charges were brought forward at the October 4 City Council Meeting by Gigi Davis who claimed that multiple officers sexually assaulted her and her granddaughter. In addition to that she alleged that the officers aided and abetted in the kidnapping of her two grandkids after officers were called to conduct a welfare check on the children.

The officers were dispatched to her home on September 13 to check on the condition of the children. The father was made aware of deplorable living conditions within the home by a text from his daughter seeking help.

Upon arrival officers noted that there was no air conditioning and temperatures were at or above 95 degrees and the home was infested with cockroaches and other insects throughout the residence and the stench and condition of the residence was barely tolerable.

Davis had made numerous calls to 911 objecting to the Marco officers’ presence in her residence, but at no time indicated officers were engaged in physical or sexual contact with herself or the children. It was only when she appeared at a council meeting that she would make these sensational and scandalous accusations.
Sgt. Gary Nottle of the Collier Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene to mediate the situation that morning. When questioned by Sgt. Nottle as to whether any of the Marco officers had either touched or had any inappropriate sexual contact with her or her granddaughter Davis responded negatively.

To protect the integrity of the department, Chief Schettino directed that the incident be investigated by an independent agency and subsequently directed that the Collier County Sheriff’s Office be given jurisdiction in the matter.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office would review the details surrounding the incident and interviewed both the officers and Ms. Davis, finding no basis of fact concerning her claims.

“It’s unfortunate that the reputations of officers and this department continue to be a target for unwarranted and false claims by those that have other nefarious agendas. I can assure our residents that when issues concerning inappropriate conduct by anyone within this department are uncovered, that they will be dealt with in a fair and objective manner to protect this department and those serving in it,” said Schettino in an interview on Tuesday afternoon.

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