Sunday, November 28, 2021

Marco Officer Resigns

Officer Brian Granneman| Photos by Steve Stefanides

Marco Island Police Officer Brian Granneman, one of four officers named in an investigation involving two of his superiors having sex with a female during their duty time, resigned on October 3 effective that date. Former Sergeants James Inlow, Neil Giansanti and a fourth officer, Kevin Hennings, were also named in that initial complaint.

Granneman was not accused of having sex on duty, however, did fail to advise superior officers of his knowledge of the wrongdoing of the other three and was subsequently reprimanded by the department. He was promoted to the position of patrol sergeant a few months after that reprimand.

It was alleged by the female that Granneman did engage in a personal relationship in his off-duty time at his private residence. That claim was never substantiated during an independent investigation of the incident.

The attorney for the female subject is threatening to file a federal lawsuit seeking damages against the city if a monetary settlement is not reached. That lawsuit would be heard in federal court due to what the attorney claims is a violation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

Former Marco Police Chief Al Schettino instituted an internal investigation to determine the facts surrounding the alleged incidents. That investigation brought about the voluntary resignations of both Sergeants Giansanti and Inlow. Schettino took further action to have the Law Enforcement Certifications of both officers revoked by the state issuing agency.

The city is still involved legally in their efforts to have Officer Kevin Hennings’ dismissal from employment upheld.

Granneman was employed by the city in November of 2013. In May of 2015 he received the Officer of the Year Award for his outstanding service to the department.

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