Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Marco Man’s Book Proposes Radical COVID Solution

Jeff Popick

Photos by Quentin Roux

Using a variety of sports and patriotic analogies, along with highlighting American grit in the face of adversity, Marco Islander Jeff Popick has published a book on solving the COVID Pandemic. 

Titled, The Great American Virus Victory: An 8-Week Strategy to Kill COVID-19… Dead, the book laments the “game plan” so far, and then offers a possible solution that would be harsh even by Wuhan standards. 

It suggests virtually shutting down the entire countryat the behest of the Federal Governmentfor 8 weeks. 

An extract from the book states“It seems the game plan, while not stated, is to simply manage the number of deaths, while hoping for some form of vaccine. So, in the very least, why is there no stated goal? Why is there no path to success or a plan to win? 

Rather than calling his possible solution a “shutdown,” Popick prefers the term “human hibernation, in which each and every human takes a sabbatical from living in society (as we know it.).” 

Another extract from the book statesI’m intentionally avoiding calling it a shutdown or a lockdown because they were attempted before, sort of, but they were incorrectly, half-heartedly, and therefore, ineffectually attempted before.” 

Looking back, Popick contends the economy suffered at the expense of the health benefits. 

Whether anyone has phrased it like this or not, it boiled down to economy versus health (but this scenario is a lose-lose proposition),” he writes. 

The book then expands on the theory of this human hibernation, which he also calls “something of a nationwide suspended animation.” 

It also acknowledges that vital services and businesses should be allowed to continue to operate, and that masks should be mandatory to the point of prosecuting people who neglect to wear them. 

As for the broad financial impacts on everyone, Popick suggests no rent, mortgage or car payments for the relevant 8 weeks, and he elaborates his views on how the economy would robustly rebound. 

Along the way, Popick sometimes writes informally “but, dammit, there are exceptions,” he says about goods and services vitally needing to be available.  

At times, he brings in personal anecdotes to offset his hypotheses, and he writes critically of “big pharma” as well as the pandemic becoming such a political football. 

The book is available on October 22 on Amazon for $2.99. 


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