Thursday, October 28, 2021

Marco Lutheran Steward SHIP Ministry Fair

Marco Lutheran Church Ministry Fair followed the three services on Saturday, February 8th and Sunday the 9th. It was designed to inform members and friends about Steward SHIP, and encourage them to use their time and talents in some area of service at Marco Lutheran.

The following weekend members brought in their “talent” enlistment and financial pledge during services. The Choir left the sanctuary to enter the Great Room at the end of each service. You see some of them still in choir robes. Members followed, and everyone received a “boarding pass” that was checked at each of 18 activity centers in the Great Room. The centers were manned by board members, who distributed information about their ministry along with candy pieces and small trinkets. All particpants enjoyed refreshments, and deposited their “boarding passes” into a barrel for a drawing of door prizes.

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