Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Marco Lutheran Gives First Responders a Hug with Their Mugs

Photos by Ed Bauer | Marco Lutheran Church present police officers with mugs in recognition of National First Responders Day. Pastor Tom Boeck is with Police Chief Tracy Frazzano, Captain Dave Baer, and staff.


The parishioners at Marco Lutheran Church wanted to do something to thank the First Responders for all they do for the community—especially during the pandemic. They decided a custom-printed mug stuffed with notes of appreciation might put a smile on the mugs of Marco’s hardworking first responders. 

On Thursday, October 29, parishioners descended on City Hall with 100 mugs to present to the Marco Island Fire Department and Police Department in honor of National First Responders Day. 

The church is also having a Thanksgiving DriveThru on November 22. They will reach out to families in need with 100 grocery bags stuffed with food—and gift cards—by their parishioners.



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