Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Marco Lutheran Church BASIC Training for teens



By Faith Rattei

Middle Schoolers and their friends from the Southwest Florida circuit of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod came together on June 11 at Marco Lutheran Church for some BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) Training around what it means to be a servant. This Servant Saturday was inspired by the Synod’s challenge to pick a Saturday in June where the teens would serve the local community. The Marco Island Middle School graciously opened their doors for this event. The kids cleaned lockers, classrooms, windows and offices. After lunch, the kids went to Grace Lutheran to pack military care packages as another opportunity to serve.

The youth looked to Daniel from the Old Testament in scripture for inspiration.  Many people are familiar with the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. What many people don’t know is that Daniel’s lions den episode took place late in his life.  In Daniel chapter 1, Daniel and his friends were probably only around 13 or 14 years old…the same age as these kids at the servant event. In the first chapter, the “basic” training he received from his family, community and directly from God prepared him to be confident that he could stick to the diet plan God required of him and still serve under a pagan king in captivity. These youth today also face decisions everyday as to what they will or won’t participate in because of God’s direction in their life. Kids shared that they had said “no” to putting graffiti on a school or using foul language because they knew God would not want them to do that. Just like Daniel, they don’t know the exact result of their choices, but they can be confident that they are doing what God wants for them…and that’s all that matters.


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