Sunday, November 28, 2021

Marco Kicks-off the Republican National Hispanic Assembly

Bill and Roseanne Christ of Marco Island recently hosted the newly formed chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida (RNHAFL).

The Collier and Lee County Chapter elected new officers, all residents of Marco Island who were introduced.

Chairwoman Yvette Benarroch wants to “encourage Hispanic Americans to participate in our political process; advocate for issues and interests that affect our communities; promote conservative values and make sure that the United States of America doesn’t become a socialist country.” She has been a resident of Marco for over 15 years where she lives with her husband Al, her two children

Zachary and Daniel and their golden retriever, Rocky. She is the owner of Affordable Landscaping Service & Design, LLC. Yvette is also very involved in her community as a member of the American Legion Post 404, Marco Island Noontime Rotary, Civitan Club, Collier County Republican Executive Committee (CCREC), Women’s Republican Club of SW Florida Federated (WRC) and the Republican Club of South Collier (formerly Caxambas Republican Club).

Vice Chair Nanette Rivera has been a resident of Marco for the past 20 years and is an active member of CCREC, WRC and the Republican Club of South Collier. For the past year she has used her strategy expertise to develop and implement the 2020-Campaign Strategy for the CCREC. Nanette believes that “conservative American values are equal to Hispanic values, as Hispanics focus on family prosperity which comes from quality education, job stability, understanding and respecting our civil liberties and above all, we are people of faith which respect all people’s rights to pursue their happiness.”

Secretary Maria Lamb, an active member of various local political organizations, “strongly believes in the respect of the Constitution and the rule of law, specifically that illegal immigration undermines the rule of law.”

Treasurer Gene Wordehoff, an active member of the CCREC, considers his involvement with RNHAFL as offering him a “strong purpose in fighting to maintain the best the world has to offer encapsulated in the ideals of American exceptionalism.”

Who are the RNHA of Florida? Their mission is to mobilize, organize and educate their fellow residents on local, county and state government and to influence public policy consistent with their three core values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets. RNHA was founded in 1967 to promote Hispanic American issues and interests within the Republican Party.

Rosie Paulsen, Tampa Bay Chairwoman, is an American of Ecuadorian heritage and is “inspired daily to continue the fight to preserve American values and consider RNHAFL as the catalyst to get this movement engaged with Hispanics as the minority group with the largest voting block to get this done.”

For more information on RNHAFL or to become a volunteer, please call Chairwoman Yvette Benarroch at

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  1. Thank you so much for such an amazing article and we are looking to help re-elect President Trump by preparing our selves for the “Hispanic Awakening” that is happening

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