Saturday, June 25, 2022

Marco Islanders On The Road For Fun



By Steve “Stef” Stefanides

Each day offers up a wide variety of activities and opportunities for islanders to take advantage of, whether they are here fulltime or just for the season.

Some enjoy golf, while others enjoy tennis, or just a day at the beach.  Bocce ball, fishing, senior softball, and even pickleball are just some of the sports and activities that residents enjoy on a day-to-day basis.

But for some residents, exploring the roadways, historical sites and parks around the Sunshine State is something they find to be a great pastime, and they do it in style in their Class A motorhomes.

Last week, four couples left the island to embark on about a two-week tour to enjoy the back roads and great sights in Florida.  Larry Gordon and his wife Pete, Chuck Glogouski his wife Jeanne, Rob and Jean Taylor and Clay and Sherry Zyerveld all crossed over the Marco bridge last week in their individual RVs to spend some time together and enjoy all that Florida has to offer.

The first stop on their mini-adventure involved about a 100-mile trip to outside Moore-Haven, Florida where they set up camp at a popular site right along the Caloosahatchee River.  “You can’t believe you’ve only traveled a couple of hours away from Marco, it’s an amazing place,” said Jeanne Glogouski, as she prepared to feed her dog at noon on Saturday.

With the drop in fuel prices, RVing has become more popular than ever. Traveling by RV may take more time than flying, but that’s the point. You don’t have to rush around. Instead, travel leisurely like your grandparents did back in their day. There’s a lot to love about this nostalgic form of travel, and



more Americans, and Marco residents, are taking advantage of it.

Some of the pluses include:

  • Extremely affordable – travel and lodging all in one low cost!
  • The whole family is together making memories, even while going from one stop to the next.
  • Much more comfortable than being cooped up in a car.
  • It’s like a home away from home.
  • Get to see the countryside up close.
  • Freedom to change your agenda if you want.
  • Flexibility on when you travel instead of having to adjust to someone else’s schedule.
  • Less stressful and more convenient because you’re not having to lug luggage around or pack and unpack at each stop.

Between the four families, six pets are traveling with them, and all are becoming seasoned travelers.  “Our dogs are used to this,” said “Pete” Gordon, who had two of her Standard Schnauzers out for a walk around the park.

“When we were at Larry’s house for a party during the Christmas holidays we spoke about doing this trip, and here we are today,” said Rob Taylor.  “Rob is right, we can’t keep putting things off like this, and I hope it’s the first of many of these short trips; we’re having a ball,” said Larry Gordon with a fresh Bloody Mary in one hand, some snacks in the other, and a smile ear to ear.

The group will motor on to Disney World for a few days to enjoy that popular theme park and then on to St. Augustine to enjoy “America’s Oldest City,” founded in 1565 by the Spanish.

Where they head to after St. Augustine is up in the air, but you can bet they’ll have some great stories when they get back to Marco, and will be planning the next adventure shortly after they return.

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