Sunday, October 24, 2021

Marco Island Youth Enjoy Sailing Program


The educational and fun youth sailing program returned this summer to the sailing center at the Marco Island Yacht Club.

Mily Perez Distel, “As a parent of two boys, Michael and Marco Distel, who learned to sail through the efforts of Terry Naylon and Rocky Cale, I was so delighted to see the Marco Island Yacht Club and the Marco Island Community Sailing Center (MICSC) join hands in hosting the long awaited summer sailing programs.”

Mily’s eldest son, Marco, began the sailing programs several summers ago as a novice, and quickly progressed to the advanced sailing levels. He then went on to participate on the MI Interscholastic High School Team. Last year, Marco became one of the youngest US Sailing Level I Instructors in Florida. He will continue his love of sailing by joining the University of Florida Sailing Team this Fall when he begins his studies in aerospace engineering. Marco points out that the physics involved with the science of sailing and flying are interconnected. Both involve the harnessing of the winds and mathematical applied knowledge to navigate the safest, straightest course by taking into consideration the currents, tides and the role of the wind on the type of sailboat.

Mily’s son Michael, a seventh grader, also began sailing a few years ago with MICSC. He is excited about the grand reopening and plans to take up sailing again and learn about the beauty of the seas and the environment as he sails. It is no wonder that dolphins greeted this wonderful Sailing Open House as the boys rigged their sailboats and set out to sea. The somersaults of the frolicking dolphins were a warm welcome back call from the seas.

About his experience, Colin Raymond said, “I loved every part of it! I’d love to do it again and again! I learned to tack, hike, steer the boat and handle the jib. We had dolphins swimming alongside of us, too! It was great!”

Ever Davis said, “Dolphins swam close to shore as we launched the boats. Then I learned how to steer the 420 with the tiller. I loved it when it rained, and the winds picked up and then we really raced through the water. I also loved it when I changed from the 420 and joined my friend, Michael, on the Open BIC. We got to capsize the boat and learned how to right it. Learning how to capsize and right the boat was the most fun!”

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