Monday, November 29, 2021

Marco Island Yacht Club Celebrates “Hooray for Hollywood” Gala

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On Saturday, March 20, the Marco Island Yacht Club continued its celebration of its 20th Anniversary with the Hooray for Hollywood Gala event. 

As Members arrived at the club, they were approached at the red carpet by paparazzi played by MA Harlacker, Bob Winterhalter and Cara DuBay, asking Members “Who are you wearing tonight,” and “Do you think this is your year to win the coveted Oscar.” Members arrived in formal wear or dressed as their favorite actor and had photos taken by the red Rolls Royce provided by Harvey Cohen. Tom Jobe graced the Rolls accompanied by a statuette of Marilyn Monroe.

As Members entered the Yacht Club they were given official greetings from Chairman Dave Everitt and Ellie Everitt and Commodore Geoff Walker and Cinda Walker. Vicki and Neil Bretthauer were in position to judge the best dressed or the best costume of the evening. As members received their first drink, Melanie Kraemer whisked them away to the photo booth for their picture with Oscar. Henry Stanley, Russ Doeringer, Val Bilbrey and Deb Wiebe served as photo takers. Susan Hieftje and Carol Comeaux documented the evening as the official photographers.

To celebrate the club’s 20th Anniversary, Members signed up to add their names to commemorative bricks which will create a pathway from the club house to the new Riverside Marina. The bricks are a project of the Mariners Fund committee. Diana Winterhalter, and Dick and Grace Pantano oversaw the brick presentation while Deb DeVries and Carri Kendall assisted by promoting and distributing the information.



Jan Rich and Kelley Wentworth served as “Wine Sellers” as they promoted six extraordinary bottles of wine generously contributed by Club Chairman Dave Everitt and Ellie Everitt.

Angela and Jon Holt served as emcees of the evening and organizers of the “Star Studded” stage production. Ms. Holt is the Chairman of the Member Events Committee.

Patti Cohen equipped with her ‘Entertainment Tonight” microphone jibed the members as the club’s version of Joan Rivers.

The evening opened with a surprise version of ‘’There’s No Business Like Show Business.” The words of the song were rewritten and sung by Tom Wentworth and Jim Rich to reflect the Marco Island Yacht Club. The “dancing girls” in furs and tiaras were Alice Jobe and Dalia Krepelka. Then, Alan and Linda Sandlin graced the dance floor in a tribute to Ballroom dancing with their number, “It Had To Be You.”

OSCAR card holders performed in a skit to change the name of the evening’s awards to the MARCOS as a more fitting name for the Gala. John and Marguerite Steeves, Nancy and Morris Margolis, Kathy and David Caruso and Bob Winterhalter provided the laughs as the name was changed. Other skits were reminiscent of the Price Waterhouse representative who delivered the Oscars played by Bruce Kraemer and protected by John Kendall of DK Security

The club was decorated by members of the Member Events Committee. Alice Jobe took the lead and the club was decorated in HOLLYWOOD style from bow to stern.

At the end of the show, MARCO awards were presented to unsuspecting Members for categories including “On the Waterfront”, “Finding Nemo”, “Captain Courageous” and ‘Flipper”.

The Wendy Renee Band provided the music for the evening of skits, comedy and outstanding dance tunes. And, a special “Gala” menu was provided by Chef Bob Aylwin.



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