Monday, March 27, 2023

Marco Island Sail and Power Squadron Adopts “America’s Boating Club” Name

The Marco Island Sail and Power Squadron (MISPS) formally approved doing business as “America’s Boating Club – Marco Island.” This identity change was approved by the MISPS governing board and ratified tonight by the organization’s members at its 2018 annual meeting.

“Marco Island Boaters of all kinds are invited to join our organization,” said Club Commander Gene Burson. “This new name signifies that power boaters, sailors, kayakers, paddle boarders, wave runner operators, fishing enthusiasts – all boaters, regardless of type or use — are welcome to be part of America’s Boating Club – Marco Island,” he said.

“Since the founding of the Marco Island Squadron in 1978, we have taught thousands of people ways to enjoy and safely operate their vessels and have organized thousands of boat outings and social events to help our members enjoy boating here,” Burson stated. “We want everyone with a watercraft to know this is a club dedicated to them and to safe fun on the waters surrounding Marco Island,” he said.

“Boating has changed with new technologies, new materials and new ways to enjoy water sports, and we are changing with it,” said Burson.

Several years ago the United States Power Squadrons (USPS), the national organization of which the Marco Island Squadron is a part, launched an initiative to examine how it and its member squadrons could better support a broader cross section of the boating community which led to among other things the national organization adopting a new brand, logo and tag line – America’s Boating Club, For Boaters, For Boaters. Today’s action by the Marco Island Squadron incorporates the national initiative and brings this more inclusive brand to Marco Island.

“With today’s busy lives, fewer boaters are in the sport just for boating’s sake. More people across a broader age spectrum enjoy boating in many different ways,” Burson said. “People boat for recreation, exercise, nature, fishing, exploring, socializing, family fun, etc. The amount of time they can spend on the water in any one outing varies,” said Burson. “Both the National and Marco Island organizations are changing our programs, materials and events to keep boating memorable and meaningful for all. Today’s action is further commitment to that change.”

Most people seek to enjoy boating with others. The role of a group like the America’s Boating Club – Marco Island is to create opportunities for fun watersports. It is also to provide the boating community with knowledge and skills so boating can be enjoyed with confidence and safety, according to Burson.

“Many confuse the name ‘Squadron’ with a military structure. At America’s Boating Club – Marco Island the emphasis is on ‘Club’,” Burson said.

During the upcoming year the Club will use both the brand identity “America’s Boating Club – Marco Island” and the name “Marco Island Sail and Power Squadron” to transition to the new identity.

Also at the annual meeting, the Club’s Members elected new officers and bridge for 2019 and approved the organization’s annual budget. Officers elected are: Commander, Thomas G. Morr; Executive Officer, Robert N. Smith; Administrative Officer, Wanda A. Burson; Education Officer, Thomas R. Ryan; Assistant Education Officer, John Maciolek; Secretary, Margaret M. Smith; Assistant Secretary, Kathleen Reynolds; Treasurer, Robert J. Gloodt; Assistant Treasurer, Steven W. Riley. The new Bridge Officers will be installed at a Change of Watch ceremony in February 2019.

MISPS is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, that is a unit of the United States Power Squadrons, a 104-year-old, 346 chapter, national boating organization that teaches boating skills and navigation, conducts vessel safety checks, assists the U.S. Coast Guard and state and local governments in identifying defective aids to navigation and promotes fun and fellowship among boaters of all kinds.

For information about Membership please contact Peggy Reiss at 239-213-8686. For a free Vessel Safety Check contact John Salato at 703-864-5528. For information about skill development courses and registration contact Tom Ryan at 239-887-1556. Additional information is available at

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