Thursday, December 2, 2021

Marco Island Property Owners

The intent of Marco Island Homeowners is to act as an advocate for ALL property owners on Marco Island. To better reflect the mission statement of the organization, starting immediately, Marco Island Homeowners’ name has been changed to MARCO ISLAND PROPERTY OWNERS.

This is done to dispel any misconceptions that the purpose of this mission is on behalf of single family homes only.

Virtually all issues affecting homeowners, also affects all property owners, whether it be utility charges, density, growth and, especially, city spending and city debt.

Civic organizations and individuals have expressed deep concern that our city officials are insensitive to the interests of Marco Island property owners. Past experience has proven a distinct divide in citizen email concerns to the council and the way the council votes.

In order to have one’s voice heard, it must be from a cohesive, focused group.

The best way to have your concerns met and acknowledged is to take two significant steps: 1) Vote in the 2012 local election; 2) Join Marco Island Property Owners now!

Be a positive force in impacting the future of our Island Paradise! Please contact


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