Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Marco Island Police Department Code Compliance

Since late summer 2010, when the former Code Enforcement section of the City of Marco Island Community Development Department was transferred to Marco Island Police Department there have been many positive changes. We wanted to take a few moments to communicate and highlight the transformation.

Chiefly, a philosophical shift from a primarily aggressive and punitive approach to working with those with city ordinance violations to gain voluntary compliance. With this shift, the name of the unit was change to Marco Island Code Compliance to demonstrate commitment to the concept. Other notable change involves personnel, with Sergeant Jim Hassig, and Code Compliance officers Tony Sans and Karl Hayman demonstrating a solid community-based team approach to code violations.

Our experience, thus far, has been that the vast majority of citizens and businesses, who have come to our attention for one violation or another, have been exceptionally willing to correct the violations when they were educated, treated with respect and dignity, and time was taken to work with them to correct the violation(s).

In September, 50 new cases were recorded, with 36 of those being closed as compliant, 9 being referred to a city-contracted mowing service (with the homeowner being assessed), 1 courtesy notice being issued, 1 Notice of Violation still outstanding, and 3 complaints in which further investigation revealed that there was no violation. New cases increased in October to 72, of which 49 were closed as compliant, 5 being referred to the city-contracted mower, 3 courtesy notices issued, and 15 Notice of Violations still outstanding and 2 cases in which investigations revealed that there were no violations. For September, these figures represent a 72% compliance rate, with an additional 18% becoming compliant after being mowed by the city contractor, 6% no violations, and 2% respectively that were issued courtesy notices and notice of violations. In October, the aforementioned figures represent a 68% compliance rate, with an additional 7% becoming compliant after being mowed by the city contractor, 3% no violations, 4% courtesy notices, and 18% with outstanding notice of violations.

We hope this information demonstrates the significant improvements to both the processes and outcomes of code related issues within the City of Marco Island, where the Marco Island Police Departments Code Compliance Unit’s priorities are to protect the health, safety and welfare of our neighbors, visitors and businesses through preserving and maintaining the livability, values and integrity of our community.

Contact Captain David Baer, Marco Island Police Department, 51 Bald Eagle Dr., Marco Island, FL 34145, (239) 389-5050, Department Non-Emergency.

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