Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Marco Island Mask Mandate

We are reaching out to you to express our medical opinion about the importance of masks to prevent the continual spread of Covid 19 in our community.  As primary care doctors working on Marco Island for the last 15 years, we firmly believe that Marco Island should “opt-in” to the Collier County mask mandate that was passed on Tuesday July 21st. The science firmly supports the use of masks to prevent the spread.   There is NO evidence to show that masks do not work, nor harm to the wearer.    With our older population we are obligated to protect them.  Mask wearing should be considered patriotic and a show of support for everyone in the community.   When we all wear masks, we all have more freedom to live, even when Covid 19 is still with us.
Masks are now required in 28 states. States that currently have lower numbers than Florida.   Marco Island has the strength, the intelligence and compassion to also mandate masks.  As for the concern that masks will disrupt visitors and the economy, your other choice is a shut down, which no one wants.
As for enforcement, there are many laws that people do not comply with, but yet we still enforce them.  For instance, drivers still exceed the speed limits, but still we have set speed limits in place.   Most small business are in favor of the mandate, so that they do not have to fight with customers in order to protect themselves and their staff.   Our valuable workers in all of our stores need to be protected.  You can protect them with a mask mandate.
Marco Island needs to “opt-in” to the mask mandate of Collier County.
As members of Marco Island, and caring for the people of Marco Island, we are here to help the city any way we can.  Please feel free to reach out to us for any help in regards to this matter.
Robert Poling, MD and Patricia Poling, MD

7 responses to “Marco Island Mask Mandate”

  1. Joe Bibik says:

    Thank You for writhing this. Wearing masks saves lives.

  2. Ralph Esquivel says:

    Ada you suggesting that the warning label on the box your masks come in doesn’t support the fact that they masks don’t work to protect against COVID Viruses

  3. Ceferino R Santiago MD and John P Santiago MD says:

    Yes! Yes! Thank You!

    Dr. and Mrs. C. R. Santiago and Family

  4. Barbara Murphy says:

    Thank you for this professional opinion supporting a mandate to wear masks. Let our community demonstrate helping one another as we always do when there is a need. I pray our community considers the wearing of a mask as a personal gift to our friends, neighbors, visitors, healthcare workers and also so very important to our businesses.
    Barbara Murphy, healthcare worker.

  5. Maggie says:

    No, my PCP and I strongly disagree with you. Mask can cause hypoxia and hypercapnia. It would be detrimental to my health to wear one, as it would be for most people with respiratory issues, eg, COPD. Are you and the city going to take liability for my health when I am forced to wear one?

    In fact, there’s plenty of data suggesting masks do nothing to stop the spread of virus, ie, So, the “science is settled” debate is moot and I am appalled that any health care professional will take this stance. If masks work and you put your faith in masks, you should have no care as to whether the person next to you wears one.

    I requested the COVID-coded deaths in Collier Country from the Medical Examiner’s Office (and I suggest everyone do so). As of 10 July 2020, the death rate is 0.0004%! Stop with the fear mongering!

    Wear a mask if you’re so inclined, but stop forcing the rest of us. You have NO idea of our medical histories.

  6. Anthony says:

    “We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection.” – New England Journal if Medicine

  7. Luke says:

    As a visitor to Marco Island I can tell you that right now entering a business where employees don’t wear a mask is a no-no!

    Some readers feel like they can “sue” others because they are made to wear masks causing them health problems. I ask them whether people that contracted Covid can sue them instead? Think about it!

    Living in a society means that once in a while we might have to do something we don’t like for the benefit of the society.

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