Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Marco Island Historical Reenactors Needed



Gentlemen please step forward.

For many years, the Marco Island Historical Society has sponsored a group of enthusiastic members who love to act. Generally, we do local historical figures. Over the years we grew bolder and tackled national characters. We have impersonated Tommie Barfield, Deaconess Harriet Bedell, Lida Burnham, Margaret Collier and many others who were important in Florida.

One year we began a series of First Ladies. We dramatized 18 of them before we were through. The following year, we persuaded four of our male members to take on the role of presidents, and this was met with wild applause.

This is the message we wish to convey today: many of the gentlemen here on Marco Island can recall portraying somebody else in high school and college theatricals, and how much fun it was. So where are you now and why aren’t you up there on stage with the rest of us? We need you desperately and often, and the rewards are tremendous. Remember how great if felt to take that bow back in tenth grade when you were Julius Caesar or Paul Revere? We want you to experience that thrill again and to recall, “there’s no business like show business.”



We all have had so much fun doing these skits and we want to broaden our perspective to include everyone on the island, not just the girls.

In case you think acting is a sissy thing, consider John Wayne and Gregory Peck and Gary Cooper. You may have talent you just do not recognize in your heart.

If this stirs a memory in your heart, or if you think you would love to try this on for size, please contact Marion Nicolay at 239-394-1254 or Betsy Perdichizzi at 239-394-6817. We can promise help and assistance and many rewards.

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