Thursday, October 28, 2021

Marco Island Featured in ‘Places to Love’

Samantha Brown’s new series on PBS filmed a Season Two episode, “Naples & Paradise Coast,” which will be aired in early 2019. Two Marco Island attractions, The Oyster Society and the Dolphin Explorer, will be featured in the upcoming episode.

Recently, locals visiting The Oyster Society were treated to more than just The Woodwork performing. Guests received a glimpse into TV production and were used as extras while the PBS series filmed. The crew was spotted the next day at Rose Marina, where they took a three-hour tour on the Dolphin Explorer with lead naturalist Kent Morse serving as Samantha Brown’s guide.

“Today, we are going to introduce them to the 10,000 Island Dolphin Project. It’s a project, where for 12 years, we’ve been surveying the local population of dolphins. We blend a citizen science with a traditional tour,” explained Kent Morse, while preparing for the PBS crew to board for their tour.

The “Naples & Paradise Coast” episode will show the diversity of the Paradise Coast region. It will feature the Gulf Coast part of Everglades National Park, where you can kayak in salt water to a deserted white sand beach, and a visit to Big Cypress National Preserve where Samantha met and interviewed famed photographer and naturalist Clyde Butcher. The episode also gives a glimpse of the local culture, nightlife, and fun, educational opportunities of Marco Island and Naples.

“All of the featured locations really show the unique parts of our Paradise Coast destination that some people may not be aware of. Everybody knows we have gorgeous beaches and lots of golf courses, but this show also highlights the wonderful personalities and the people that make up the destination,” explains JoNell Modys, Communications Manager for the Naples/Marco Island/Everglades Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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  1. Righteous Mother says:

    Kent and Michael are legends. They literally know the local dolphins by name. Some might find that level of knowledge ‘weird’ or ‘nerdy,’ but consider yourself lucky if for a few hours you can share in it. They are fun guys whose passion for the Dolphin Project is quite catching.

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