Saturday, December 4, 2021

Marco Island Author Bonnie Bee


Author Bonnie Bee, yes, its Marco Island’s own Bonnie Bozzo. Wellknown for her Portrayals of Historical Women series, and as the founder of the local club We’re All Just Friends, Bonnie’s first novel “DESERT RESCUE is a departure from her usual light-hearted writing. It addresses the serious subject of chemical warfare. 

Submitted Photo | Bonnie Bee.

Set in Iraq and Washington D.C. at the end of the Iran/Iraq War, this fictional offering is full of action and suspense fueled by the strong personality of the heroine, Lexie HeydonA former CIA operative, Lexie learns her twin brother is being hunted by the Iraqi Secret Police and Military as a spy. He carries damning intelligence of Iraq’s chemical warfare and weapons. Disavowed by his handlers, Bryan is fleeing for his life. Lexie undertakes an unsanctioned mission to bring her brother home. 

A short novella DESERT ESCAPE is also available to the reader to follow Bryan and Lexie’s successful escape as Lexie completes her rescue. 

Bonnie’s previous plays, essays and short stories have been written as entertainment. DESERT RESCUE and DESERT ESCAPE are definitive departures 

A fifthgeneration Californian, Bonnie grew up as a ranch girl amidst horses, cattle, and cowboys. She could not wait to see the world. Fulfilling that desire many times over, she has experienced all seven continents, much of her travel occurring as a woman traveling solo. These extensive and unique adventures have allowed her insight into the various ways women are treated worldwide. She has brought this knowledge to her acting and writing, as well as to her new book. 

Bonnie is graced with a loyal and loving husband, Dr. Al, six childrenall grownand numerous grandchildren along with, a truly, grateful heart. 



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