Monday, November 29, 2021

Marco Island Academy on Schedule for Fall 2021 Opening

Photos by Scott H. Shook | Jane Watt, Marianne Iordanou and Mark Melvin high atop Marco Island Academy.


“It’s a miracle,” gushed Jane Watt, “I’m so excited I can’t stand it.”

Jane Watt, Marianne Iordanou and Mark Melvin on the Student Lookout Lounge.

Watt, Marco Island Academy’s Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, is ecstatic over the progress being made on the spectacular new campus that is scheduled to open this fall. She is joined for a walk-through today by Marianne Iordanou and Mark Melvin, members of the school’s Leadership Advisory Board. 

“The final crunch is on now,” Watt said.

“March marches on,” Marianne Iordanou interjected. “The next thing you know it’s the end of the school year.”

Iordanou is secretary of the board of directors and is also in charge of the school’s capital campaign. Iordanou and her husband, Dinos, are also major contributors to the school.

Mark Melvin recently put up a two-million-dollar match to help the capital campaign reach its goal. Melvin’s two million was matched within 20 days.

Melvin is also hands on. He’s at the new campus every day.



“Every day,” Melvin confirms with a smile.

Melvin certainly has his finger on the pulse of everything that is happening at the new campus. It seems like he knows the answer to every question that is posed, from the dual sound system in the gymnasium to the drains in the student courtyard.

The school’s elevator is now operable.

So, what is Melvin’s favorite place on campus?

“It’s all special,” Melvin said. “It’s all so well thought out. It’s going to be special for the kids. Individually there are lots of great places, but each place is just unique. No one’s more special than another. We’ve put so much thought into it. The original thoughts and all of the tweaks we have made since then.”

Watt will have a modest office in the new building, directly across the hallway from principal Melissa Scott.

The student lookout lounge is a special feature of the new campus. This is where students will eat lunch and enjoy socializing with a breathtaking panoramic view of the island.

“This is the James and Shirley Balk Student Lookout Lounge,” Watt said. “In fact, they just made an additional gift to pay for all of the tables and umbrellas, which is awesome.”

Watt wants everyone to know that there are still naming opportunities at the new campus. 

“Even though we’ve completed the capital campaign,” Watt said, “which we’re very thankful for, we still have needs for the school. We still have naming opportunities for the interior of the school. So, if people are interested in supporting the school, they can reach out to us directly or they can visit Also, if people want to see the school, we are happy to schedule a private tour.”


Jane Watt has a modest office in the new building, directly across the hallway from principal Melissa Scott.


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