Thursday, October 28, 2021

Marco Cruise Club Holds Paella Party

Marco Cruise Club members met at Sarazen Park recently for a Paella cook out.

The dish was cooked live before many hungry cruisers. An old Spanish recipe was followed calling for chicken, sausage, saffron, peppers, and peas. Authentic Calasparra rice imported from Spain was also added to the ingredients. The final result was delicious Paella, which was quickly devoured by the cruisers.

Vice Commodore Todd Whitney and his wife Julie hosted the event, which received rave reviews from club members. The afternoon proved to be a fun time for everyone.

Whether it is cocktails on the beach, a steak fry, barbeques or boating activities such as day and overnight cruises, we have lots of fun. Marco Cruise Club currently offers membership to boating enthusiasts.

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