Thursday, January 27, 2022

Marco City Manager Placed on Leave Pending Investigation

City Manager Lee Niblock addresses the Marco Island City Council.His attorney Sawyer Smith is pictured left. (Photo by Steve Stefanides)

At Tuesday evening’s Marco Island City Council meeting, the first order of business came about when City Manager Lee Niblock came forward to council, along with his legal representative Sawyer Smith from Ft. Myers, and requested a leave of absence to deal with the controversy surrounding recent revelations that he was being investigated regarding a claim of battery against a female citizen of Marco Island.

Before the City Council could take up his request, Councilman Bob Brown would move to have the City Manager terminated from his position without cause. Councilman Larry Honig would second that motion, and would question the ability of the City Manager to continue to carry out his duties amongst the community.

Councilor Brown’s motion would fail, with only Brown and Honig voting in favor. Other councilors would question whether the City Manager’s rights were being abridged and cautioned that they may be violating his rights.

In the end, council would accept the City Manager’s suggestion that he be placed on leave until the charges were investigated by Collier County.

Guillermo Polanco was elevated, once again, to the position of Interim City Manager until such time as the issue is resolved.

One response to “Marco City Manager Placed on Leave Pending Investigation”

  1. Kevin Brown says:

    Did this happen before or after his employment? If before, shame on everyone for not catching it. If after, he has already lost my trust.

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