Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Marco City Council Election

Letter to the Editor

City Councilors often deal with issues like the city budget, infrastructure, and general city policies. They act as the legislative body of our community. It is not often that a City Council will have something like COVID-19 dropped on their laps and be expected to respond and address all the surrounding issues immediately and without warning. It is how a person responds to the unexpected that can define exactly the type of person they are. That is why my wife Jill and I are voting for Jared Grifoni in his reelection for City Council.  

We live on the island year-round and we both witnessed the enormous amount of pressure that our local representativesand our fellow Marco Island residentshad placed on their shoulders. The ability to listen and the type of principled leadership that Jared displayed based on facts, not fear or raw emotion, are qualities so desperately important right now at this stage in our country’s history. It all starts at the local level and Jared is not only our City Councilor but also a local resident like us. It is always a pleasure to run into Jared and his family at Residents Beach, Mackle Park during Soccer practice or when out at a restaurant to discuss family as well as what is happening on the island. Jared always takes time to listen to us about our concerns, compliments, and our island needs to reelect City Councilor Jared Grifoni.  


Arne Sandberg 

Marco Island 


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