Friday, December 3, 2021

Marco Church Receives Guest Artist

Submitted Photo | Matt Papa.


Contemporary singer, songwriter Matt Papa is currently the guest artist at Marco Church, 875 W. Elkcam Circle, Marco Island, Florida. 

A Christian music hymn writerworship leader and veteran of record deals with nine albums under his belt, Papa said, “Have you ever heard someone say, ‘I’m a foodie?’ Food is awesome; sweet, savory, every flavor created by the mad scientist Himself.  

“When we talk about worship, we are literally talking about a meal. I want us to take a moment here to consider the idea of meal as a metaphor for what occurs on Sunday morningsspecifically with regard to the songs we sing,” continued Papa, whose album Your Kingdom Come charted #46 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums ( 

“If the goal of the Sunday gathering is to make disciples, to nourish the believer, to elevate our taste buds to higher things, to whet the appetite of the non-believer, then perhaps we should make sure what’s on the plate is, ‘nourishing, tasty, beautiful… artfully and lovingly prepared.’  

You are what you eat,’ as my momma said. ‘We become what we behold,’ as my Bible says.” 

Join Papa at Marco Church, beginning February 7th to March 28th, shifts to 3 worship services: 8 AM (Worship Center), 9 AM (Fellowship Hall) and 10:30 AM (Worship Center). 

Marco Church follows social distancing guidelines as well as offers live streaming at For information call the Marco Church at 2393948186. 



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