Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Marco Beach turns to trash

Letter to the Editor

Having been seasonal renters on Marco for twenty years we decided to move here full-time six years ago. We failed to realize that this was coincident with significant expansion to the Island’s hotel facilities and what a disaster for residents that would turn out to be. The relevant example today is the trash this expansion has brought to our beaches and the chronic arrogance of the proprietors of offending establishments when it comes to following the permit requirements for their beach operations. I hope our community government can summon up the courage to enforce the rules required of those with beach permits, and rescind permits where held by scofflaws.
For me there are additional concerns relating to Sea Turtle nesting season, which runs through the end of October. In addition to trash on the beach, the use of permitted private sand raking vehicles to groom neighboring property early in the morning, as well as storage of equipment on public property at night  are potential breaches of legal requirements. I appeal to our Council, permitting authorities and Code Enforcement; please make it stop now!
Andrew Tyler
Marco Island

3 responses to “Marco Beach turns to trash”

  1. Manny Fernandez says:

    This post of Marco Turns to Trash is just not factual and representative of the negative posts we see way to often today.
    My wife and I actually live on the water at Tigertail Beach and while this year has brought new visitors to the island, we have not noticed the “ trashy beaches “ described. And to ensure our beaches remain beautiful, including our private & pristine Residents Beach, Beach Volunteers schedule routine cleanups and
    our Marco Police patrols the beaches, to ensure, compliance with No Pets, No Glass & Social Distancing on the beach.
    Love our Marco Island beaches & people that keep it clean for all.

    • gary b says:

      You should open your eyes I have lived on the beach for 26 years and i am out there EVERY weekend Police do NOTHING there are more tire tracks than footprints We use to have volunteers with tee shirts patroling the beach where they could see what was happening not just driving back and forth usually in the morning when not many are on the beach. SO SO much trash from marriot to cape marco SO OPEN YOUR EYES

  2. Tom H. says:

    I have noticed the same. From the towels to the disposable cups, etc., every morning in front of the hotels. You’ll find some trash at random spots but it is concentrated in front of the resorts. I don’t think there’s a cure to prevent it, oblivious people are going to always be oblivious. I’m just surprised the hotels aren’t required to have that cleaned up within the first 30 minutes of sunrise. I think it would do more for their reputation, and the reputation of Marco, than they could be negatively affected by the minimal cost involved.

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