Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Marco Bay Yacht Club Introduces 2019 Bridge with Presentation of the Fleet

The Marco Bay Yacht Club “Burgee,” i.e. its pennant or flag. | Submitted Photos

Undaunted by inclement weather, the Marco Bay Yacht Club recently formally introduced its 2019 Bridge via the group’s Presentation of the Fleet.
A total of 12 vessels were scheduled to line up and introduce themself to the Bridge boat carrying the new Bridge Officers: Commodore Sally Orth, Vice Commodore Larry Sacher and Rear Commodore Bob White, along with their First Mates, Don Orth, Judy Sacher, and Margie White. They were joined by Captain Sandy LaMontagne, who was assisted by Past Commodore Rudi Landwaard.
Not only did the weather prevent the event from actually taking place on the water, but even the sound system wouldn’t cooperate.
However, Club Historian and Chaplin Alan Sandlin and his wife Linda led a very hearty rendition of the national anthem, followed by an introduction of the Bridge, then a reading of the Club’s 51-year history. Next came an acknowledgement of members who had passed away both this past year as well as in years’ past that saw Vice Commodore Sacher and Rear Commodore White march to the shoreline and placed flowers in the water.
The weather, however, did not deter the procession, which included a somewhat unusual and quite humorous introduction of the participating vessels. Participating boats are traditionally led by the Fleet Captain, who then introduces his First Mate and any on-board guests, followed by the other participating boats. Brent Cook, the 2019 Fleet Captain and his First Mate Susan introduced themselves to the Bridge with a formal salute, and were then followed by Captain Bill Schroeder, who mimicked driving a boat, along with his First Mate Debbie. Subsequent boats and their First Mates then offered numerous and sometimes hilarious versions of rowing or operating a boat. Among the other participants were Captain Barry Gelfand and “Admiral” Claudette, along with their guests, past Commodore Bob Boland and his first mate, Lynn Bedell, Capt. Dave Mount, his First Mate Mary Ellen and their guests, past Commodore Alan Rapp, along with Ginny, past Commodore Charlie Skillern and Paula, and their guests, Dan and Paula Dotterwich, Captain Bill Hillyer and Kim Rae, Capt. Charles and Holly Erker, Verne and Ann Graham, Cherie and Jerry Hoover, Chuck and Janice Hubscher and Capt. Bob Herndon.
Other 2019 officers are Secretary Linda Gagnon, Treasurer Bill Schroeder, as well as Committee Chairs John Hardy (Audit), Cheryl Coffin (BAYLINES editor), Bob Gagon (Communications), Mike Brown and Brent Cook (Fleet Captains), Paul Krueger (Day Fleet Captain), Carolyn Cachianes (First Mates), Judy Sacher (Membership), Dan and Debra Lowell (Photographer and Roster Editors), Sherry & Joel Fitzgerald (Ship’s Store), and Paula Skillern (Social), Betty Barter and Cindy Brown (Fundraising and Sunshine).


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