Sunday, January 16, 2022

Marco Artist Marian Miller Remembered

One year after artist Marian Miller’s death, Marco Island Center for the Arts Clay Guild has included a small retrospective of her work ranging from woven baskets, knitting, pastels, and clay bowls and vases in the Center’s December exhibition “Art of Clay: Faces, Figures and Fantasies,” on exhibit until December 20, from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Marian had a big smile that she shared with family, friends and fellow beach walkers who quickly became her new buddies. During these daily walks, she would impart her affection for the “Art League” which later became Marco Island Center for the Arts. Marian became recruiter extraordinaire for the Center’s new Clay Studio and later became the first official president of the Clay Guild.

This “one of a kind” woman was born in Columbus, Ohio, and when she was a young girl had the option of exchanging “dreaded” piano lessons for art lessons using charcoal and pastels. After raising children, Marian Miller retired with her husband to Marco Island. Here she became a successful clay artist and was later drawn to working with pastels again and took classes from Teaching Artist Linda Chambers. Life had come full circle.

For more information visit or call 239-394-4221. The Marco Island Center for the Arts is located at 1010 Winterberry Drive.

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