Saturday, October 16, 2021

March Madness



by Patricia Huff

March madness or that’s what is seems like with so many activities going on in our area on Saturday, March 12.  Not only is it Goodland’s Birthday celebration with a fun festival and Marco Island Historical Museum’s official opening with lots of fan fare and activities all day, but we’ll also be having lots of fun in Everglades City.  We start off with the Arts-in-the-Glades at 10 am (with food and live music), then the spectacular Homes Tour sponsored by the Everglades Society for Historic Preservation.  Tickets (only $20) are available at McLeod Park with the tour starting at 1:00 pm. There are six historic homes on the tour (including a boat trip across the river to Outward Bound), as well as three buildings which will give visitors a peek into the newly renovated old Bank Building (opening soon as a Bed & Breakfast).  The Museum of the Everglades will also be having a reception to meet artist Carol McArdle whose wonderful paintings are now being exhibit in the Pauline Reeves Gallery at the Museum.  The reception will be from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.  Don’t miss any of these events if you are in the area on this busy day.

The monthly free pancake breakfast at Everglades Airpark will be held on Saturday, March 19, hosted by Wings 10,000 Islands Tours from 10 am until noon.  For more information, call 695-3296.  The Friends of Fakahatchee are offering a guided tour of historic Fakahatchee Island on Sunday, March 20. The chartered boat leaves at 3:00 pm; for more information, call 695-2905 or visit website

Plan early for the weekend of March 26-27 when the Everglades National Park Gulf Coast Visitor Center will celebrate the lost civilization of the Calusa with tours to Turner River mounds, a paddling expedition and a boat tour to Sandfly Island.  There will also be exhibits of Calusa tool-making a chance to create your own Calusa mask.  For more information, call 695-3311.

Visit the Mullet Rapper’s website to learn more about what’s happening around our town.

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