Friday, October 22, 2021


Late October, the JW Marriott Marco Island had the opportunity to show off another one of their many ventures. With each idea and event, the Marriott proves their willingness to stand out among the rest.

Their most recent venture encompassed creating their very own reality TV show, “Man vs Chef.” The traveling show visited four cities to have Pete Giovine, “the Man”, compete against “the Chef” on the signature dish of the restaurant in each city. Atlanta, Chicago, DC, and New York were the four feature cities. When asking the chefs what set their dishes apart, most noted the ingredients they used. Chef Sombright prepared an Italian beef sandwich in Chicago and indicated that his dry-aged ribeye from the Marco Island Marriott’s dry-age room at Ario is what helped him secure the win in Chicago.

The grand finale of the show, held in the ballroom, fashioned two of the Marriotts’ own food trucks, numerous food stations displaying one of each of the chefs’ competition recipes, and an entire dessert station. Sweet Tea brined fried chicken, Maryland style crab cakes, Chicago Italian beef, and lasagne were the signature dishes on display. Each station included a recipe card for guests to take home. Aside from the signature dishes, one of the most impressive dishes was French-fries topped with caviar, truffle aioli, and gold bonito flakes.

Chef Mikey Termini, Senior Sous Chef, came out of the Finale as the People’s Choice winner. He created a classic lasagne putting his own spin on it by including some of his Hawaiian-side utilizing pulled pork and beef. The night ended with artist and songwriter Phil Vassar singing and dancing the night away with the crowd.

100% of the proceeds from this event will go to benefit the Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida. At the time of the People’s Choice award presentation, over $14,000 had been raised for Harry Chapin.

The JW Marriott Marco Island showed guests and audiences around the country what happens when a simple idea is given the opportunity and passion to flourish into a TV show competition.

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