Sunday, February 5, 2023

Making This Year Even Better




Donna Fiala

2017 is already here and I feel like I haven’t finished half of 2016! Gosh that year went by quickly. Now I’m sitting back and taking a look at the last year and planning on what I can do better in this coming year. There is always so much room for improvement, and I just have to figure out where to begin.

*Dropping back to 2016 just a little, it was wonderful to see so many homes adorned with lovely, colorful lights, and to see communities dressing up their entrance! Moon Lakes did a great job, as did Glen Eagle, Naples Lakes, and Countryside; their entrances were lovely! It’s almost sad to see the lights come down because they look so happy and cheerful. In my own community of Lakewood, there were more homes decorated than I ever remember. I loved driving down the street and feeling the good cheer. I’m going to leave my tree up in my home for a while just to enjoy the happiness it brings.

*On a personal note, this year my family and I spent oodles of time together and it was such a joy. My granddaughter got engaged so we are all thrilled and ready to help. My children and I spent lots of time together, and it was difficult to say goodbye to two of them as they head back to their homes. And I have to deeply apologize to Al Bismonte for missing his birthday party while immersed in my family’s activities. Happy birthday again, Al.

*Speaking of birthdays – the first little eaglet under the eagle cam has hatched and looks so darling and fluffy. I hope we can watch it as it grows because the process goes quickly.

*Just a word to the wise: No organizations are allowed to place signs at any county beaches promoting their cause. I had to mention it to a couple people the other day at Tigertail, and as I said to them, we cannot allow anyone to publicize their business or organization on our property because the first thing that happens is others feel they are entitled to do the same thing, and no one has that entitlement.

*Over the past months I’ve taken joy in hearing the Ben Allen Band a couple of times. They are a GREAT country western local band that I consider destined for bigger and better things. One of the places they played was at the Farm City BBQ, and people danced and sat at tables to eat and listen. No one wanted to leave.

*Just a comment: I don’t think anyone can make a deep-fried turkey like Bryan and Rondi Hauser! It has become an art to them. They should give lessons. What wonderful people they are!

*This coming year I hope to reduce my schedule/calendar a little and stay focused on my side of the county. I keep thinking I’m superwoman, but when I rip my shirt off, I never find a big “S.” Guess I’ll have to resign myself to just being Donna. I want to go to everything and be there for all of my friends and groups, but I realize that isn’t always possible, so I’ll figure out a way to cut out some things without forgetting my friends, clubs, organizations and communities I so strongly support. Thanks to all who have been so helpful and so supportive this past year. I’d name everyone, but I don’t have enough paper to tell you about all of those terrific people who have been so understanding and caring.

*The question has been asked as to what is ahead for the County Commission this year. With three new members on the BCC, there will certainly be a learning curve, but hopefully we’ll see a spirit of cooperation and respect emerge with that curve. What I’d like to see is all commissioners focusing on the community and not on special interests and vocal opponents. I think we have the makings for that. We need to reach out to the cities in our county and work more closely with them, and definitely share information about projects that affect all of us like beach renourishment, transportation and roads. In my humble opinion we can all learn from each other, and in doing so, also support one another. We should try to hold meetings with each city twice a year if we can – one in that city and one in the county. We have three cities in Collier County – Marco Island, Naples and Everglades City. Each has their own problems, but some can learn from others or find ways to help one another. If we can work together, all can benefit. It’s a chance for all government bodies to meet each other early during that learning curve, and form working relationships that will benefit all of the county/city residents. Ready? I am.

*We shall see lots of changes and improvements in this coming year. Hopefully they are all for the betterment of our people and our community. Remember to help your neighbor, love your family like crazy, be respectful and kind to others, and control your temper (if you have one) so that others enjoy being around you. Together we can accomplish anything. Happy New Year!

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