Sunday, January 16, 2022




By Pat Newman

I have been a magazine junkie all my life and continue to lose myself in the glossy pages of at least a dozen monthly periodicals ranging from Good Housekeeping and Garden and Gun, to Elle, Vanity Fair and National Geographic weekly. I have outgrown Cosmo, Glamour and Seventeen, but still take an occasional peak at Highlights for Children and American Girl. I have learned how to cook, diet, style my hair, and travel the world from my armchair through magazines. I tried using a tablet for getting my fix at the push of a button, but nothing compares to tearing through a stack of magazines for new recipes and daily inspiration.

Vanity Fair tops my list of faves, probably because it’s just a high end version of People with better writing and snarkiness. But what I always love to read in its collection of regular features is “My Stuff.” A sophisticated, stylish, high-end consumer is selected from the world of Hollywood, the literary world, or the design sphere and they report on their favorite possessions and brands. Reading about someone who wears La Perla undergarments, brushes their teeth with something unpronounceable and imports their stationery from Paris or Milan never ceases to amaze me. Should I feel underprivileged because my morning brew is Publix Columbian and my favorite gadget is a corkscrew? Never! I have my favorite products, places to vacation and beauty products, too. And I am guessing they’re not that much better than the A-listers.

I decided to take inventory of MY stuff and here’s what I discovered. My sheets are by Better Homes and Gardens, (but I wouldn’t turn down a set of Pratesi), art by my son, a genius photographer, coffee table books on travel, china by Spode and glasswear by Libby. My house is kind of flea market chic. Inside my disorganized closet, you will find a mix of Lilly, vintage, Wrangler, Tommy Hilfiger and Hanes. Favorite foods include Peter Pan Peanut Butter, Oreo cookies, Juice by Tropicana and entrees by Stouffer. (My personal chef is currently on loan).

I don’t know if all this high-end stuff makes people look and feel better, but in my case, I’ll take Wal-Mart over Bloomingdales any day.

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