Friday, January 28, 2022

MacFriends User Group Offers Fingertip Assistance

  There’s a very good reason that Apple computers have attracted a very loyal following, and that loyalty is reflected in a sound way: look at the financial statements. Apple’s fiscal fourth quarter for 2009 was its most profitable ever with more Macs being sold than in any previous quarter. And just imagine — that was before they announced the availability of the environmentally friendly, fastest Mac yet!

Although Macs have always been touted for their user-friendliness, another very large bonus for owning a Mac in this community is the Naples MacFriends User Group (NMUG), that meets monthly at 5 p.m. at the Naples Branch of the Collier County Public Library at 650 Central Avenue. September through June, there are topics of both general and specific interest to members featuring exceptionally qualified speakers. This has included subjects like building a web site, Mac maintenance, the Mac operating system, using Apple computers in business, the artistic use of Apple computers, learning about all the services offered at the Waterside Apple Store, Internet searching and blogging, using your computer to save money, and computer enhanced photography. No wonder members come from Port of the Islands in the south to Fort Myers in the north, to glean from this expertise.
Each Wednesday at noon at the Library, except during August, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) meet to offer information and guidance to NMUG members and guests on a variety of topics.
There is also an almost-daily e-mail based Discussion Group that enables interested NMUG members to draw upon the knowledge of the entire group.
In the first quarter of the year, NMUG conducts 10 three-hour classes to improve the knowledge and skills of members. Typically, the classes have included the following: computer fundamentals; introduction to the Apple operating system; Mail; Address Book; iPhoto; idVD; iWeb; iMovie; digital photography; iWork (Apple’s word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation program).
Apple users are not surprised at how soon converts to Apple say good-bye to all of their frustrations with their PCs, as well as virus and spy protectors. With the best user-friendly machine on the market, computers become a pleasure, not hair-pulling torture.
In addition, NMUG members are unequivocally proud to be part of the most exciting trend in the world as they participate in a helpful group where no question is too simple and everyone’s problem is treated with dignity. It’s a great place for those thinking of switching from a PC to a Mac, and even if you are a winter resident the e-mail based discussion group is always accessible to you wherever you are.
NMUG has two types of membership: for a single individual it is $20. A household membership for multiple individuals in a common residence is $25. NMUG application forms can be downloaded and printed from the Club’s website:  Here you will also find NMUG’s informative calendar of events, offering members and newcomers alike many opportunities to connect with some of the friendliest and most helpful Mac users in this area.
For most people today, their computers are extensions of their fingertips. NMUG membership takes that extension just one step further: you’ll never walk alone.

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