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LTE: Weed Issue at Mackle Park Against the MIMYC

The Marco Island Model Yacht Club (MIMYC) was founded in 2004 by two other tennis players from the Marco Island Racket Club and me. We incorporated into a nonprofit organization. We started with about 15 members and through the years it has fluctuated between 20 and 50 members. I picked the popular Revolutionary RC Laser ¼ scale that has around 170,000 sailboats around the world in use.

In March 2004 we held the first highly successful Annual Marco Island RC Laser Mid-Winter Championships. We have had 15 consecutive events since, and it has been one of the biggest and most successful Regattas in Florida and the U.S. We had all the permits from Mackle Park and the City, even to the point that the City of Marco Island co-sponsored the event together with the MIMYC. Skippers from the Bahamas, New York, New Jersey and California, and even from the United Kingdom, have participated. People from all over the U.S. have attended this outstanding event, and bring their family for this great Regatta vacation. This naturally brings income to hotels and restaurants.

The targeting of one of our longstanding members, Rocky Cale, for pulling weeds from around the launching dock is the most ridiculous vindictive act we have seen in Marco. This could maliciously ruin
the family life of a person that has done so much for the sailing hobby for children and residents of this community.

Rocky saved the life of Mike Leyse on Sunday November 20, 2009, while watching us race. He gave him the first medical aid (CPR). When the Marco first responders arrived, they told us that the initial action of CPR given by Rocky was instrumental in saving his life. He later was given the Good Samaritan Award by the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation.

The facility the park has provided to our club is the envy of all Model Sailing Clubs around the U.S., and has made it the best facility for our hobby in the USA. All of the participants through the years have expressed that Mackle Lake is the best sailing venue in which they have participated.

George Domenech, Founder of the MIMYC

Marco Island

One response to “LTE: Weed Issue at Mackle Park Against the MIMYC”

  1. Hector C Fernandez says:

    Why was this resident and active community member targeted in such a way? What law or statute did he allegedly violate?

    On the one hand, at the risk of sounding callous, it almost sounds comical, I heard a radio station afternoon show report on it and laugh my refer to the story as “rich people problems”. But in the other hand it is no laughing matter to a person that has lived an upright life to now have his reputation maligned by what appears to be such a trivial matter.

    I’d like to know if there is more to this story than is being reported.

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