Thursday, January 27, 2022

LTE: We Deserve Better

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;” seriously friends, neighbors, and citizens of Marco Island please pay attention to the recent developments regarding Councilor Honig.  It seems Councilor Honig has acknowledged he is the owner of an anonymous website Marco Politics while denying that he authored any of the content; however, contrary to his refusal to admit authorship document reviews seem to indicate that Councilor Honig did write some of the content.

Let me assure you that I sincerely feel Councilor Honig expected that the power of his words would undermine political opponents and manipulate the mood of primarily the voting residents of our city. Political dialog based on differences of opinion that is articulated in a civil manner is completely warranted in a democracy; however, words that are purposefully used to personally defame and hurt have no place in any personal more or less political discourse.  Remember the warning of Marc Anthony that “The evil that men do lives after them;” you be the judge whether the material on this website was evil or well-intentioned.

Many of you are extremely busy with family and work commitments.  Many of you are possibly becoming disenchanted and disgusted with the message of politics on Marco Island. The truth is all of us cannot afford to ignore and hence let this type of behavior go unchallenged for then we are tacitly condoning it. We deserve better from our political leadership.  We must devise means by which to take our government back.

Regina L. Dayton

Marco Island

2 responses to “LTE: We Deserve Better”

  1. Arleen Harris says:

    We have lived here for 13 and have been coming here for 22. 22 years ago Marco Island truly was a haven for civility and kindness. We have seen this diminish over the years. From code enforcement being put under the police dept jurisdiction and now the Island is getting very run down. To homeowners who no longer feel they have to keep their yards up, to the deplorable acts from some of the police officers, not to mention the past City Manager. People are leaving. People are unhappy with the way the Island is being run OR not run. We should recruit for a Mayor to begin to regain trust from the citizens of Marco Island. Another Manager will be just that, another Manager that we feel will not be effective. Why is it so hard to keep the island beautiful, keep code enforcement proactive not reactive, have people who on in leadership positions doing what they are supposed to do?

  2. Andrea says:

    Well said! Enough of these disgusting tactics and anonymous smear campaigns.

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