Friday, January 21, 2022

LTE: Thank you Beautification Advisory Committee!



I was recently asked to attend last month’s Beautification Advisory Committee Community Forum.  My wife dutifully went, as we do to many functions that I’m invited to, however once we were there we were astounded by how interesting and helpful the various speakers and representatives were.  With all of the agonizing time Council has spent on developing a “fair and equitable” water and wastewater rate structure, we’ve basically ignored the things we can do to reduce our consumption, with the obvious result of reducing our costs for water.

Among the things we learned about were alternative ground covers and other such things, but perhaps the most impactful was a free service sponsored by Collier Soil & Water Conservation District.  Their representative, “Nik” Nikolich, who runs their Urban Mobile Irrigation Lab, put on a fascinating presentation of how wrong most of the single family home irrigation systems are set-up.  More importantly, we discovered that Nik will do an assessment of your yard for FREE, including a written report that you can then share with your lawn service.

Nik was at our house today and among other things, he found 2 of our heads not functioning properly, that we were wasting thousands of gallons of water in some areas, and that we can probably reduce our overall water consumption by at least one third!  None of his recommendations involve any costs (other than replacing the 2 broken heads).

We want to thank both Linda Columbo, Vice Chair of the BAC, who organized the event, and the entire Beautification Advisory Committee for putting on a most meaningful program.  The Marco community is most fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers who keep our paradise beautiful!

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