Friday, March 24, 2023

LTE: Support Erik Brechnitz

Support Erik Brechnitz? Why should I?  

The short answer is because Marco Island deserves experience, success and a professional approach in all of its City Council members. Erik brings that. His experience managing client money, his seat on a municipal council and as mayor in the Midwest, his role as a long term Marco property owner and resident, his seat as Chair of the Marco Planning Board – all these experiences make him an excellent qualified candidate for Marco City Council.  

What do we need more of on Marco’s council? Most residents have their own ideas. Civility to staff, other residents and other council members. Someone who can organize and stay on meeting agendas and timelines. Someone aware of issues on Marco and with relevant experience to reference for potential solutions. Someone prepared for the meetings, having read staff reports and met with residents. Someone who naturally looks for efficiencies in cost to provide municipal services. One who is ready to reach out and work cooperatively with interlocal agreements. We have some good council members. We need more. Erik Brechnitz is one we residents should elect.

Paul Tateo 

Marco Island 

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