Tuesday, October 19, 2021

LTE | Sam Young for Marco City Council

I am Sam Young. I’ve been a Marco resident since 2005. I am a fiscal conservative that believes in balanced budgets that addresses current and future needs with particular emphasis on Marco’s infrastructure and waterways. I am running for City Council in this November’s election and hope for your support.

I believe in small effective government. I believe in complete transparency and accountability.

I believe City Staff needs direction from the leadership of a City Manager, interim or permanent.

My other beliefs:

Density is of critical concern and needs to be carefully managed to preserve our Island’s heritage.

City Staff workforce levels must be commensurate with demand and be made accountable, for fiscal and resident satisfaction, by a qualified City Manager.

The water quality of our beaches and canals are paramount to the quality of life and property values on Marco for all residents. I have worked on the City’s Waterway’s Advisory Committee to assure that water quality is tested and information provided to our residents.

In addition, as a licensed Coast Guard Captain, as a Director of Fisheries of Marco Sportfishing Club and a graduate of the Marine Resource Education Program I know, better than most, the importance of preserving our water quality.

I hope my concerns are yours and I look for your support. I will provide much more information on my concerns in future communications.

Sincerely yours,
Captain Sam Young
Marco Island

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