Thursday, January 20, 2022

LTE: Richard R Riegler



I am writing re: the subject rental ordinance , representing the views of the Prince Condominium Association , its owners ,the Board of Directors , and our on site Manager. I serve on the Board and have been a resident for 12 years . I do not rent my unit .

Our Association has a three month minimum rental policy , along with By-laws and Rules and Regulations , including enforcement provisions which address the issues stated in the proposed ordinance .

Relating to the proposed Ordinance’s purposes as stated in the ‘whereas’ paragraphs , it is abundantly clear that this ordinance should not apply to the Prince Condo Assoc. And based on what I know about other Condo Assocs. , it should not apply to Condos at all . At least not to those with extended ( 1 month to 3 months and beyond ) rental policies .

Addressing specific language of the proposed ordinance .

  1.  1st Whereas . It is not true that the Prince rental properties “are not being properly maintained or managed”
  2.  2nd Whereas . Our rental policy is 3 month minimum —(not “short term rental ” )
  3.  3rd Whereas . Our property is not ” inadequately maintained and operated affecting surrounding         neighborhoods” . We have an on site Manager and active Board members who ensure that all rules and regulations , including noise control , are obeyed .    Further , The Prince Condo building has been subject to numerous and regular inspections , ensuring compliance with all codes including fire codes .
  4.  4th Whereas . Our Assoc . already has a program ( By laws and Rules and Regulations ) to “educate” owners on compliance with codes . Any work done in a unit is subject to review and inspection of the Mgr. and often , city code enforcement people . So , there’s no need for unnecessary , duplicative  , and costly inspection services .
  5. 5th Whereas . “The intent of the Ordinance to collect information regarding properties to protect general safety…” is already being carried out as noted above .


Recognizing that the provisions of the proposed Ordinance is to address the above Whereas statements , and recognizing that these statements and purposes are already being fulfilled , there is no reason for this proposed ordinance to be applied to the Prince Condominium nor other such condos .


Relating to Section x.2 , I want to make it abundantly clear that the Prince Condo. Assoc. has no intent to obtain a “blanket registration” should this intrusive and over-reaching proposed Ordinance be adopted . The city and its staff will have to deal with individual condo owners who rent their units . Recognizing the costs and Council’s desire for managing the City in a fiscally responsible manner , this additional cost burden should not be incurred, and would be fiscally irresponsible .


Lastly , this proposed Ordinance suggests that there’s a problem with renters only . Is Council suggesting that owners themselves do not contribute to problems cited ? Should the proposed  Ordinance apply to all property owners ?  Surely a significant intrusion of government .


Thanks for your consideration.

Richard R Riegler


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